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Walsall Arts for All is a programme, which seeks to make a positive difference to the lives of children & young people in Walsall, using the arts as a way to help build understanding between different cultures and communities in this richly diverse area.

There are 14 Walsall schools involved in the programme, each of whom has been paired up with another school from a different part of Walsall. 


Professional artists have been working with schools to explore themes, create an original piece of art in both schools, and find creative ways to connect children & young people.


Walsall Arts for All is a programme of the Walsall Cultural Education Partnership, with investment from Arts Connect and Walsall for All, which is funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government.

Exhibition Visual Walkthrough


Primary School

Abbey Primary & Delves Junior & Infants

Artist: Claire Witcomb

Project: Friendship Walls


Using fabric, threads and recycled materials to make a story from a number of interconnected elements and convey the idea of friendships and connection, designed with watercolours, pens and pencils to create images that visually represented the connection between different people. Using recycled wood to create imaginary, fantasy creatures through a combination of collaged and drawn images.


Primary School

Christ Church CE Primary & Salisbury Primary 

Artist: Witcomb

Project: Wings of Ambition


Exploring the idea of wings – wings that can carry you somewhere, and positive ideas of affirmation and thinking about the future. A mixture of recycled material was used to create the artwork. 


Primary School

Rosedale Infants & St Joseph's Catholic Primary

Artist: Claire Witcomb

Project: Beyond My Wildest Dreams

Using recycled wood to create imaginary, fantasy creatures through a combination of collaged and drawn images.


Secondary School

Blue Coat CE Academy & Bloxwich Academy

Artist: Becky (Good Wives & Warriors)

Project: Community / Collaboration


Exploring identity, culture and stories from different heritages, finding similarities across cultures to tell stories and create mythical creatures. 


Primary School

Blue Coat Junior & Infants & Watling Street Primary

Artist: Henrietta Ellis and Celia Houghton

Project: Landmarks that Link Us


Creation of banners, with each one depicting the schools’ local landmarks: for Watling Street, the Brownhills ‘Iron Man’ and for Blue Coat, St. Matthew’s Church. 


Children were also introduced to sewing with a simple running stitch. This ‘simple’ stich has only been used to create the banners. Children also thought of a short, positive word to stitch and then used their imagination to think of a design. 


Primary School

Pinfold Street Primary & St Anne's Catholic Primary

Artist: Claire Leggett

Project: Who Are We?


Learning and being curious about other people living in other places, being open to new discoveries, new communities and different ways of living.


Using recycled materials and acrylic paint to mono-print using gelatine plates, making textures and applying stencils to create details for areas of housing, green spaces, roadways and buildings of heritage and community interest. 


Secondary School

Aldridge School & Ormiston Shelfield Academy

Artist: David Brown (aka Panda/Flake)

Project: Cultural Identity


Using graffiti/street art to explore the theme of what Walsall meant to each of the students and how they linked with other young people at other schools. 

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