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We are working in partnership with several organisations to deliver projects as part of our vision to create integrated, empowered and inclusive communities in Walsall. These projects aim to improve social mixing and break down barriers to integration in different ways. Although some of our projects have now finished, we still encourage you to get involved. You can find contact details for each organisation on their respective pages.


If you have any questions about our projects, please get in touch with us.

Last updated: 22nd April 2021

Walsall Diversity Project

Working in partnership with the Black Country Chamber of Commerce, DWP and University of Wolverhampton, this project aims to understand businesses in Walsall and their approach to diversity and inclusion practices in the workplace. The project will work across three elements: a research study, a virtual conference (to be held in spring 2021) and an invitation for participating businesses to make a public pledge celebrating and highlighting their commitment around Diversity and Inclusivity.


ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) is a programme designed to improve English language skills in the community. Learn English in a friendly environment, meet new people, make friends and get help with local services. Sign up to ESOL classes in Walsall today.

Manor Farm Community Association

Manor Farm Community Association have chosen sport as a way to bring communities together. They are keen to involve both adults and younger people. They will be using the Manor Farm venue as a place for people to come together.

Nash Dom CIC

Nash Dom CIC have delivered their project Cohesion through Football and are now working on the Welcome Pack and Buddying Scheme.

Walsall Community Transport

Walsall Community Transport are enabling integration and social mixing within our communities by providing free transport to people and local organisations. Transport can be a significant barrier, particularly for disadvantaged groups. Individuals and organisations are encouraged to take up Walsall Community Transport as an opportunity to offer trips and visits, in order to break down barriers. For more information visit:

UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools

This project will enable local schools to employ rights-based approaches with young people.  This has a demonstrable impact on integration in some schools as young people are included and feel respected. We are threading this offer to schools with other complimentary projects including School Linking and the Arts Project.

The National Federation of Gypsy Liaison Groups

The National Federation of Gypsy Liaison Groups will ensure Gypsy, Traveller and Roma communities have a clear voice in the Walsall for All programme and the council regarding their challenges and needs. This will strengthen service provision, increase understanding in Walsall of these communities, resulting in reduced tensions and negativity towards them.

To learn more about the work of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities, we recommend visiting The Romani Cultural and Arts Company website (a community development organisation using the arts and culture as a vehicle for advocacy and empowerment, amongst the Gypsy, Roma & Traveller communities):

School Linking Programme

Working with The Linking Network, the Schools Linking Programme in Walsall was launched in the autumn term of 2018. In 2019, numbers increased to 24 classes with 13 new schools joining the programme, engaging with over 650 pupils. The programme provides opportunities for young people to learn about faith, belief, culture and British Values, with Walsall for All staff providing additional guidance and support, as well as working with delivery partners such as Walsall FC and The New Art Gallery Walsall.

Caldmore Village Festival

Caldmore Village Festival are planning to organise a one-day event in Walsall, which aims to value all the cultures of Walsall and to provide the opportunity for communities to come together from across Walsall to celebrate diversity and its rich cultural heritage.  

Deaf Support and Sign Language Cafes

Deaf Support & Care Services’s project aims to encourage social mixing and integration by means of sign language cafes, and other bespoke events.


brap are working with Walsall for All to deliver The Pledge - and ensure that a wide range of organisations sign up. They will provide follow up support for the participating organisations to implement objectives and ethos of the Pledge. Individuals and organisations are invited to take part by signing up to the Pledge and embed integration into their work.

Walsall Arts for All

In partnership with Arts Connect, a high-quality arts and cultural programme is being delivered, with a focus on identity, culture and diversity through a range of immersive arts experiences for young people and their parents/carers, teachers and schools. A Development Manager has been appointed to drive the project locally. The programme was formally launched through an inter-school competition on 26th June 2019 at Forest Arts Centre. Click here for further details about the project.

Black Country Innovate CIC

Black Country Innovate are working with Walsall for All on the Walsall Hate Crime Reduction Initiative. In addition, they previously delivered the Saltmine Theatre project "In Their Shoes".


Originally delivered by the National Youth Agency, “Your Voice Now” recognises young people’s potential as change makers and encourage them to develop social action projects. Kicsters have taken over this project and the opportunity continues to be open for any young people who would like to become Youth Ambassadors.

Completed projects

Project completed

Walsall FC Community Programme

Walsall FC Community Programme ran cohesion workshops, using football as a medium, to help groups understand differences and cohesively come together with a common purpose.

Project completed

Youth Connect

Youth Connect ran detached/outreach and centre-based youth work in local areas in the South locality of Walsall.

Project completed

Faith and Belief Forum

The Faith and Belief Forum are a national organisation that worked with Walsall for All to deliver two projects: Walsall Community Dialogue Project and the Walsall Community Recognition Awards. 

Project completed

Accord Housing – Age Matters

Accord Housing – Age Matters’ lunch club brought together older people from different communities to socialise whilst enjoying a nutritious meal. The project also promoted digital inclusion and worked on an intergenerational project. 

Project completed

Urban Hax

Urban Hax’s creative project created new and lasting bonds across local communities and the experiences gained by taking part rippled to friends, families and neighbours.

Project completed

Prince's Trust

The Prince’s Trust ran sessions for young people aged 16 to 30. They engaged with young people in Walsall, particularly those in disadvantaged/hard to reach areas.

Project completed

Walsall Creative Factory

Walsall Creative Factory ran a number of activities at their community arts workshop in The Butts, including an Asian Elders drop in on Wednesdays, Geeks Art Club on Mondays (an integrated group supporting teenagers and young adults with learning disabilities) and Homeless and Vulnerable drop-ins on Fridays. 

Project completed

St. Paul's Church

St. Paul’s Church in Walsall Town Centre used their worship space to offer a series of community film nights, which explored the cultures, faiths and histories of the various communities in Walsall and beyond.